We may have kittens available that are not on the website.  Please call us with any questions. 

We have high standards, using only the best bloodlines; those that have been proven by catteries before us.  We have kittens for sale as pets, breeders, or for show.
What you can expect from an Alluring Bengals Kitten:
            * Beautifully rosetted, plush coats
            * Friendly inquisitive personalities
            * Correct Bengal features 
            * Excellent pedigrees
            * Two year health guarantee 
            * Tica registered              

UPDATED  9/15/2018


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Pet - $1,500.00 And Up
Show / Breeder $3,000.00 And Up
Priced As Listed For Pick Up
Additional Shipping Charges May Apply

Call  To Reserve  Your Kitten Or To Be Put On Our Waiting List

$250.00 Deposit  Required To Hold Top Quality Pet

$500.00 Deposit Required To Hold Show Or Breeder

Deposits Will Be Put Toward Price Of Kitten

Deposits Are Non Refundable And Non Transferable 
​Unless Kitten Becomes Unfit For Sale

All Pennsylvania Sales Are Subject To  6%  Sales Tax 

All kittens come with :
TICA registration
Two year health guarantee
Standard kitty shots 
Certificate of health

​DOB           5/15/2018

Beautiful Bengal boy with smaller, more numerous rosettes, resembling the actual wild cat. He is a light weight male, quick and nimble on his feet. His coat is short and silky with a sprinkling of glitter, and and has stunningly contrasted rosettes which is so desirable in Bengals. Although this is a high energy kitten, he does tolerate being used as a lap cat. At maturity he will be a medium to large cat, with a sharp wild appearance. Ready to go now!


​​Green Collar Male
DOB            6/27/18

Reserved for the Sanchez family, Lancaster 

​​​​​​​​​​​​This big guy is a heavy weight. Large boned and stocky, he will likely become a very large cat at maturity. He is a very good natured kitten, well socialized and friendly. He's got high contrast, large beautiful rosettes and a gorgeous face. As he matures, he will become a very large, sleek Bengal with excellent color and contrast.


Orange collar male 
​DOB         6/27/2018      

​An outstanding quality Bengal Kitten! With his extra large rosettes extending up onto the shoulders, this kitten is an excellent example of what we have been striving for; the Clouded Leopard fur pattern. He has a short silky coat with an abundance of gold glitter. This little Leopard has a very handsome  face and a sweet personality and moves in the gliding, stalking fashion of big cats. 
Pet price   $1500.


Red collar Male DOB   6/27/2018​

A high quality Bengal kitten! This little guy carries the bloodlines of the well known older foundation catteries. There is no mistaking the quality of coat, the excellent contrast of rosettes, gold glitter, and  super sweet personality. He is solidly built and has a good heavy bone structure. He will mature as a large beautiful rosettted Bengal
Pet price   $1500.


Sanjosebengals  Princess Paris
Of Alluring Bengals

HCM  Negative  2018

Koppiekatz   Bella 
Of   Alluring  Bengals

HCM Report Pending Age Appropriate

ALLURING BENGALS  STUD Sanjosebengals  Prettyboy Pierre 
 Of  Alluring Bengals

HCM Negative 2018




You may  have never thought of a pet as a luxury or the master piece of a home. The magnificent Bengal cat is both. With its beautiful exotic appearance, luxuriously plush fur, and wonderful personality, these cats are a delight to own. The pelt is rosetted and colored with stunning hues of contrast and has gold tipped hairs which adds a luminous sheen when stroked.

People have long been fascinated with the beauty of wild cats and have attempted to remove them from the wild and transplant them into their homes. This was dangerous and seldom successful; usually resulting in both an unhappy cat and owner. What has been successful though, was the breeding of Asian Leopard Cats with domestic cats. Through generations of selective breeding a new breed has emerged; a friendly little Leopard perfectly suited to living with humans, enabling us to bring a bit of the rainforest into our homes.
Bengals are devoted pets; safe with children and other pets, and will want to be included in whatever you are doing. But they are more than just a pet. A quality Bengal is nothing less than a luxury. It is a Jewel of the Jungle which can be found in upscale and elegant homes around the world.  
Thank you for visiting our website.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Our goal is to provide you with a high quality, healthy, exotic looking cat.  Our Bengals are friendly and intelligent, easy to train, full of energy, and totally irresistable. Their sweet nature goes hand in hand with their excellent pedigrees. Our breeders come from renowned catteries producing some of the finest Bengals in the world. These kittens display dramatically  contrasted rosettes, and vibrant color which is so desirable in Bengals.
  TICA Registered Cattery
​We are a FeLV and FIV free cattery
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